6 Best Cities to Live in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the best countries in Europe to go to if you want to earn a decent living. Each city and town have their varied strengths and opportunities to offer you. If you are an expat here in Netherlands, check out these six best cities in the Netherlands that should be included in your choices:


Amsterdam has been a consistent frontrunner In Netherlands’ best cities, which is also the country’s capital. According to Netherlands’ annual report on municipalities, Amsterdam remained to be on the top spot for more than a decade. It is the center of trade and business and has been a remarkable jobs market for those who want to earn a living.



Utrecht is also consistent with the top choices. Like Amsterdam, Utrecht is located in the northern Randstad. This city is considered as the religious center of the Netherlands. It also features historical structures existing as far back as the High Medieval Ages. Before Amsterdam, Utrecht was the most important city before the Dutch Golden Age.



Another city in the western part of the country is Amstelveen. It is known for its shopping center which is awarded as the best shopping center in Netherlands for three consecutive years. You can also find here award-winning bars and restaurants.



Also situated on the northern edge of Randstad, Haarlem is definitely one of the best places in the Netherlands. It hosts some of the top-rated museums in the country. You can also find here ancient buildings and structures, winding waterways, and cobbled streets. Haarlem is also known for brewing and bleaching businesses.



Also known as Den Bosch, this city has become a center of administration, education, and industry. It is home to domestic and international business, including Epic, Heineken, and Tyco International. It also hosts a wide variety of cultural events. Further, you can find here over 400 cafes, pubs, and restaurants.


Den Haag

Known in English as The Hague, Den Haag is one of the most important places in the Netherlands. It a major city hosting United Nations, and international organizations, including the International Criminal Court and International Court of Justice.


Which of these cities have you visited already?

6 Things to Know About the Dutch Business Culture

Are you new to the Netherlands? Are you here to establish your career? Well, there are so many things that you need to know and understand about the Dutch business culture. So as not to mess up your first day in the office, we share with you the six things to know about the business culture in the Netherlands:


Business Plan

Dutch companies are very organized and pragmatic with regards to business strategy planning. If you are tasked to make a business plan, make sure that you undergo thorough research and step-by-step planning. You are not expected to be an expert, but you need to be equipped with problem-solving skills.


First Meeting

In meeting other people, a smile is your best weapon. It creates a good impression. If you introduce yourself, give a firm and swift handshake. Avoid air kissing, unless you are not in a business setup. In addressing colleagues, Dutch people use an informal manner of communication. Usually, they use first names. However, if there is a notable difference in age or rank, use “meneer” (Mr.) and “mevrouw” (Madam) before the name.



In terms of negotiation, Dutch business people are known to be tough negotiators. They are typically forceful and stubborn. However, they always value integrity and reliability in performing business negotiations.



People in business are always busy. Their day has structured agenda and appointments. If you set an appointment with a client or customer, make sure you show up hours in advance. Missing an appointment or turning up late is not just annoying, but it provides an impression of unreliability.



Time is very important in business. It is considered “money” for the Dutch people. Again, if you show up late for an appointment, you did not just waste other people’s time, but their money as well. So value each other’s times.


Dress code

In a business setup, of course, you have to look professional. Men are advised to wear a traditional suit and tie. Women, on the other hand, can wear corporate attire or a dress.

Which of these business norms are new to you?

5 Survival Tips for First-Time Expats

Moving abroad and living the life of an expat is certainly one of the most challenging experiences. You are exposed to a new environment with new people. They don’t practice the same things you do in your country. You will be culture-shocked. To survive, you need to adapt. In this article, we will help you survive the expat-life through these five important tips.

Consult your loved ones

Choosing to move abroad is a tough decision. You will be miles and miles away from your family. It’s not just your blocks away from your home which you can simply go back if you’re feeling lonely. Thus, it is important that you ask your families and friend about your decision. If you have children, reflect on the pros and cons of moving abroad.


Research beforehand

Being in another country is a huge challenge. So before you leave, make sure you are equipped with the basic knowledge about the country and its laws and basic rules. You should also know beforehand the places where you can stay while you are in your transition period.


Learn the culture

If you are already in another country, take effort in learning to develop their culture within you. Observe how people live their lives there. Learn their culture, their language, their customs, and their practices. You have to adapt to survive.


Embrace independence

As a first-timer, it will be you and you alone (unless you have friends and families there). No one’s going to do the chores for you. You need to embrace and master independence. You will cook for yourself, wash your own clothes, etc.


Connect with people

Before deciding to live an expat life, ask yourself: “Am I open-minded enough to make friends?” If you are an introvert kind of person, lacks confidence in meeting new people, then think twice about your decision. To make it easier for you in another country, you need to learn how to connect with people. They will help you adjust to their country.


These are just some of the basic tips for first-time expats. Again, moving abroad is a tough decision. You have to think about it, not just twice or thrice, but many times.

Infographic by: internations.org/expat-insider